Frequently asked Questions…

Below is a list of FAQ’s I feel will help you in making the decision to book your shoot with Adeana Marie Boudoir. When you book your shoot with contract and paid retainer I will also be in touch via phone consult to answer any questions as they arise. My goal is to make sure you are 100% at ease from start to finish and that you have full and complete confidence you have made the perfect choice.

Is the staff all female?

Not only is it all female it is also all me! I do all correspondence, makeup and hair, please don’t be alarmed hair and makeup is where I started and you are in good hands. I do the session, all editing, reveals and ordering.

Will my photos be on your website?

Only if you sign a written contract that says so. It is not required for any paying clients. These photos are kept private within the studio and trustworthy vendors. But if you want to share one, some or all I would be happy to add them to my online portfolio.

Where is your studio?

I currently run all sessions out of a private rental space located at Salon Bloom in Valdosta, GA. I affectionately like to refer to my studio as a quaint space that creates larger then life art. If you would feel more comfortable seeing the studio prior to booking then please contact me and we can schedule a tour.

Do photo shoots include prints or files?

All session packages include an album with matching files. We offer three different collections to suit your needs starting with our Petite Collection at $450 + tax. Please note all prices are subject to change at any time so book now.

Do you offer online galleries?

The answer to this is yes and no… all files are delivered via online gallery and you have a 48 hour window to download your images to an external hard drive. This does not mean your images are gone forever it just means that I do not like to have such personal images online for long since even the most secure sites can be hacked. If you decide you would rather not have them online at any time you can always provide me with a thumb drive or purchase one from me at your reveal.

When do I get to see my photos?

Your edited proofs can be ready as soon as the next day, but please make sure to request this when booking.

What sets you apart from other boudoir photographers in the area?

Adeana Marie Boudoir is a natural light studio specializing ONLY in the art of boudoir. In a world where anyone can be a photographer I have really honed in my art so that you are 100% comfortable the entire duration of your shoot and confident in me the artist, that i will be sure to pose you so that you look AMAZING!

Hopefully I answered most of your questions and you are ready to book and can do that below. If you still have questions then please feel free to email me.